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APA Guide

This guide contains information to help you cite your sources in APA format.

Citing a Website Article

Format: Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of document [Format description if not an article]. Retrieved from http://url_of_website

Example 1: Freakonomics. (2015, October 29). E-ZPass is a life-saver (literally) [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Example 2: Lewin, A. M. (2017, August 30). Being Lady Gaga's manicurist: 'So much work.’ Retrieved from

Organization as Author:

Example: Mayo Clinic. (2015, June 23). Absence seizure (petit mal seizure). Retrieved from

No Author:

Example: Type 2 diabetes overview. (2017). Retrieved from


Helpful Information


Do not put a period at the end of entries with a URL.

For the URL, put the exact link to content or page (such as an index or search page) where reader can easily find the cited material.

Use n.d. (no date) when a publication date is not given.

Do not include retrieval date unless source material could change over time.


Double space entries. If an entry runs more than one line, indent the next line(s).

Capitalize proper nouns and first words of title and subtitle.