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Find Library Materials

Find Course Reserves

Course Reserves are materials that have been set aside by your instructor/department or the library for use during your course. They can be physical items or electronic (accessed via our website). Reserve materials typically have limited use (see more details below).

Examples of what might be on reserve for your course:

  • Textbooks
  • Assigned Articles, Books, and Videos
  • Instructor Material (Class Notes, Answer Key, etc.)
  • Supplemental Material

What’s on Reserve?

You can search Course Reserves using the search box below. Search by the title of the book/article/video if you know it. Otherwise, enter the course abbreviation with a dash (i.e. Eng-101) to see what’s on reserve for your course. Use the filters on the left of the search results page if needed to find the item you want. When you click on the item, you’ll be able to see whether it’s located at one of our campus libraries or if it’s an electronic item with a link to access it.

Using Reserve Items

Physical materials are kept at the library desk, so you’ll have to ask a staff member in order to use them. Each campus library has its own course reserves, so check the location of materials before visiting. You’ll need your SCC College ID (or government-issued photo ID) in order to use reserve items. Items are first-come, first-served, so if another student is using the item, you may have to wait for it to become available.

Most reserve materials must be used at the library and not taken home. These items are available for a 2-hour check-out and cannot leave the library. However, there are a few items that can leave the library for either a 3-day or 14-day checkout. When you look up an item in the Library Catalog (above), you should be able to see how long the check-out period is. When you’re done using the item, return it to the library staff desk so that it can be removed from your account. Failure to return an item will result in your account being charged the lost item replacement fee and a restriction being placed on your college account.

Electronic materials such as eBooks (e-textbooks) can be accessed via a link once you locate the item in the Library Catalog. This means they can be accessed on or off campus, but they usually have a limited number of users that can access them at one time (i.e. 1 user at a time, 3 users at a time, etc.), so you may get a message about someone else using the book, in which case you’ll have to wait to get access. You may be required to enter your SCC Portal Login to access electronic material. See On and Off Campus Access web page if you have issues accessing the electronic material.


Does the library have my textbook?

A Note about Textbooks

The SCC Library does have some textbooks on reserve. The Library does not own every textbook. The Library does have some e-textbooks, which means they are available online and off-campus (with limited number of users).

If the Library does not have the textbook you need or you want to purchase a personal copy of your textbooks, you can do so at the SCC bookstore, called The Book Inn.

Textbooks on reserve that are physical textbooks have to be used in the library. They cannot be taken home or to class. Each library location has some textbooks at the front library desk. You can visit the campus, search the box above or use this link Course Reserves to see if the Library has your textbook. Search by the title of the textbook or enter the course abbreviation with a dash (i.e. Eng-101). See the Using Reserves Items above for how to access, what you need to do or bring, and the limits on use of textbooks including accessing electronic reserves.