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APA Guide

This guide contains information to help you cite your sources in APA format.

Citing Personal Communications such as Interviews, Emails, Etc. (APA)

Because personal interviews and other forms of personal communication (that aren’t published) can’t be retrieved by your readers, do not include a citation in the reference list. Cite only in-text where you used the information in the body of your paper. Give the initials and last name of the person you talked to, and provide an exact date as follows: 

Example at the end of a sentence: (T. Nguyen, personal communication, February 24, 2020)

Example using author's name in setnence: T. Nguyen (personal communication, February 24, 2020) said that he believed .....

Note: Find Information about citing personal communication on p. 260 of the APA Manual, and see our in-text section handout for more information about citing in-text.