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About the Library

Information about library hours, locations, contact, policies, etc.

Using the Library (Policies and Services)

Below are some of the Library's policies and services available to library users. If you have any questions, please Contact Us or submit your question to our Ask a Librarian service.

Who Can Borrow?

Materials may be borrowed by: currently registered students (current SCC ID is needed), students enrolled in other local colleges (current college ID is needed), employees of the local business and industrial community (a current South Carolina Driver's License is needed), and community residents from Spartanburg, Cherokee & Union counties (a current South Carolina Driver's License is needed for identification). See below for available materials and lengths of loan.

How long Can I Borrow?

  Students Faculty/Staff Community Loan
Books 21 days Semester 21 days
AV (circulating) 7 days 14 days 7 days
AV (non-circulating) In-house 14 days In-house
Periodicals In-house 14 days In-house
Vertical File 14 days 14 days 14 days
Reference In -house In-house In-house
Reserves In-house/3 days In-house/3 days In-house
CD Roms 7 days 7 days In-house
Other AV 14 days Semester 7 days

Overdue Fines

  Students and Community Loan Faculty and Staff
Books 5 cents/day (with maximum of $5.00 fine) Fine Exempt
Vertical File 5 cents/day (with maximum of $5.00 fine) Fine Exempt
AV 5 cents/day (with maximum of $5.00 fine) Fine Exempt
Reserves 25 cents/day (with maximum of $10.00 fine) Fine Exempt


Patrons can renew items in person, by phone or online. Books can be renewed 2 times, videos 3 times. Patrons can not renew items that are overdue, have been assumed lost status or items that have reached the maximum renewal limit.

Library Collection

The Library's collection supports the academic and personal needs of SCC students, staff, and faculty, as well as members of the local business community. Our Library Catalog, contains a listing of all the materials in our library. We also have numerous electronic resources available on our Find Articles Page.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (requesting materials from another library) services are provided to SCC faculty, staff, and students.

Please check our Library Catalog before you submit your request. If an item is unavailable at SCC, then check the PASCAL Delivers service to see if it's available from another academic library in South Carolina. If it's unavailable through PASCAL Delivers, we will be happy to place an ILL request. Visit our Interlibrary Loan page to find out more about submitting your request.

Library Instruction

Library instruction is available upon request for in-person and online classes, day or evening classes, at all locations, or one-on-one sessions with individual students, depending on librarian and computer lab availability. Please make requests early so that we can make sure we can accommodate your class. Visit our Library Instruction page for more information.

Reference Services / Research Assistance

Reference services are provided in person or over the phone at each of our locations (check each location's hours and contact information), and via our Ask a Librarian service.

Reserve Collection

Upon an instructor's request, physical materials can be placed in the Reserve Collection at the circulation desk of any location for use by a course. The item may be from an instructor's personal collection (which would be returned to you after the reserve period is over) or may be an item from the SCC Library location. Reserve material can be "Library Use Only" or have a short circulation period of 3 days. To put an item on reserve, please Contact Us or send your request to our Ask a Librarian service.

Study Room Policy

SCC Group & Individual Study Rooms are for currently enrolled SCC Students studying or working on group projects.

Study room guidelines:

  • Library study rooms will be locked when not in use. Students must contact a staff member to check out a study room.

  • Students must show a SCC student ID to reserve a study room. A state or government issued picture ID may be used however students must still be currently enrolled.

  • Student information will be entered into the Group Study Room notebook at the Circ desk.

  • Group study rooms have capacities ranging from 3 to 10. No more than 3 people in the small study rooms and no more than 10 in the large rooms.

  • Library study rooms are for academic and course use only.

  • Due to demand for student study space and also to ensure neighboring rooms are conducive for studying, at this time extracurricular groups (i.e. groups wanting to watch videos or just “hang out”) may not use the library study rooms. Students using study rooms for these purposes will be asked to vacate the room.

  • Time limit is 2 hours. Students needing more time may continue to use the study room as long as no one is waiting. On Fridays, students can have the room for longer periods of time.

  • Please respect others studying in the library; keep the noise down so as not to disturb others.

  • Lights must remain on at all times when a room in occupied.

  • The SCC Library reserves the right to limit future Group Study use if the system is abused.

Confidentiality of Library User's Records

Library Computer and Internet Use

Computer resources and Internet access are made available in the library to support the goals of the College. Usage of these resources follows IT Procedures III-102.3 and III-102.4 and apply to faculty, staff, students, community patrons, and public access.

1. General Use: All computer and Internet resources of Spartanburg Community College are to be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic, instructional, research, administrative, and public services purposes. Misuse will cause a user's access to be revoked. Faculty and staff who abuse the system will be referred to college disciplinary policies as outlined in the personnel procedures of the College. Students will be referred to college disciplinary policies as outlined in The Student Code. Community patrons and public users will have all library privileges revoked.

2. Software: Users may not use or install unauthorized copies of software on library computers. Unauthorized use of software is regarded as a serious matter and any such use is without the College's consent.

3. Personal Responsibility: Users have a responsibility to be aware of materials that may be objectionable to others when using computer facilities in a public space like the library. Monitors, printers and personal electronic devices in public areas should not be used in public areas to display or print materials that might be defined as harassing or obscene. Users should not assume that computer use is private.

4. Limitations on use: Users also have a responsibility to be aware of the limited nature of computer and Internet resources in a library environment. Computer and Internet access may be limited by Library staff at any time without notice. During times of peak usage, students, faculty and staff will be given priority of public and community users.