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Where to Find Citation Information

This guide will walk you through how to find the information you need for MLA and APA citations in databases, books, eBooks, and websites.

Citation Information in Websites

It can be difficult to find citation information in websites, because every website will look a little bit different, however, most websites will have the citation information (if it is available) in similar places.

Name of Website: The Diamondback

The name of the website is generally found at the very top of the webpage. It will be the very first thing listed on a page.

Title of Website Article or Webpage: The New, Post-Pandemic Normal for Music Festivals

The article title is also found at the top of the webpage, underneath the name of the website.

Website Publisher: Maryland Media Inc. is the publisher of this website.

The publisher information can be found at the very bottom of the webpage. Look for the name of a company to give you a clue. It is also very common that the name of the website and the publisher are the same organization.

Author's Name: The author's name is Morgan Provato.

The author's name is usually found at the top of the article under the name of the article, but sometimes it can also be found at the end of the article. Depending on the website you are using, there may not be an author's name listed for the article.

Date of Publication: The publication date is April 13, 2021.

The publication date is usually below the title of the article, next to the author's name, but can sometimes be found at the very bottom of the article. Depending on the website you are using, it is common to not have a publication date listed or to only have a copyright date listed for a website.

URL: link in the address box at the top of your web browser.