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Faculty & Staff Guide

This guide provides faculty and staff with information about SCC library services.

Library Instruction

Librarian leading instruction

The SCC library supports the College's information literacy goals by offering in-class library instruction that teaches students how to find, evaluate and use information to support their school, professional and personal needs. Librarians are available, day or evening, to provide library instruction at all SCC campus locations and online.

What students can learn in a library instruction session:

  • search techniques for library databases
  • citing sources in MLA or APA
  • evaluating sources
  • writing an annotated bibliography

We can work with you to customize a library instruction session to meet the needs of your students, no matter what kind of research assignment they are doing. Information literacy skills are applicable in all disciplines, so please consider bringing your class for a library instruction session soon!

To book a library instruction session for your class, contact Amber Pierdinock.

We Come to You!

Librarian can travel to any location of an SCC course for library instruction. This includes all the SCC campuses, dual-enrollment sites, vocational centers, etc. We can even have several options for instruction for online classes. Just let us know where you are and what your needs are!

Feedback from Faculty

“Each instructional session that [the librarian] led was wonderful. The sessions were all equally informative, and [the librarian] did a wonderful job of engaging the students with questions, Kahoot quizzes, and handouts. She was also able to help several students locate sources during class time, which I know they appreciated.”

“I really appreciate all the hard work you put into supporting our courses and assignments. Our library staff rocks!! It truly takes a village to teach the students everything we have to teach, so many thanks for your continued help.”

Thank you so much for your help every semester! I really appreciate your visiting my classes for library instructional presentations. These sessions help my students and myself throughout each course.” 

Library Instruction Policies

  1. Library instruction requests should be received at least 1 week in advance. Faculty are encouraged to send requests early in the semester so the library can accommodate your preferred date.
  2. Instructors should send the assignment to the librarian instructor at least 1 week prior to the library instruction date.
  3. Instructors must attend the library instruction session with their class; students are more engaged when the instructor is present.
  4. For online library instruction, contact us and we'll work with you.

The library instruction room (LIB 127) is reserved for librarian-led instruction. If the room is available, faculty may request to use the library instruction room during library hours. To request the library instruction room, contact Amber Pierdinock. Please note, this does not confirm your request. First priority will be given to librarian-led instruction classes. A librarian will review the calendar, and if the date requested is available, your request will be tentatively added to the calendar.  A librarian will confirm your request 1 week prior to the requested date.