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Streaming Video Collections

Streaming video resources for use in the classroom and D2L.

Films on Demand

Films on Demand Logo

Films on Demand is a database of streaming videos, providing access to a large collection of educational films. Some of the publishers whose films appear in this database are ABC News, American Experience, TED, BBC Films, Frontline, NOVA, PBS, Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Ken Burns, The Open University, and California Newsreel, among others. Films may be viewed individually or used by faculty as instructional material for courses.

Films on Demand allows searching by title, by keywords in segments, browsing titles alphabetically, and browsing or searching within the subject areas. 


Closed Captioning Closed Captioning:

Most of the titles in the collection have closed-captions and many have interactive transcripts.  You can use the Advanced Search function to limit search results to titles with closed-captioning and transcripts.


How to insert Films on Demand in D2L:

1. Go to the Content tool and click on the learning module you wish to work in.
2. Click Upload/Create and then Create File.
3. You are creating a web page of content, so you may put text above or below the video if you wish.
4. Click the Insert Stuff icon. The Insert Stuff dialog box will appear (see image below).
5. Click Films on Demand.
6. Use the search fields to locate the desired video.
7. Click the Embed button for the video you wish to insert and select the size. Small and medium work best in D2L. Remember that the student can click a button to view full screen.
8. If this is the first time you have used Films on Demand, you will need to check Always trust this URL and click Allow.
9. Click Insert.
10. When your page is complete, click Publish.

D2L insert tool


There are additional player features you may want to check before publishing, including full screen play, captions on/off, and speed adjustment. The first time a video is inserted from a particular source, you may be asked to allow content from the site.