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Faculty & Staff Guide

This guide provides faculty and staff with information about SCC library services.

SCC Library Mission Statement

The purpose of the Spartanburg Community College Library is to provide a variety of user-oriented library services designed to meet the needs of all academic, continuing education, distance education, transitional studies and community interest programs offered at Spartanburg Community College. The Library supports these programs at all locations by developing collections in a systematic and comprehensive manner, making these materials easily available, assisting in the use of these materials, and providing remote access to library services and resources for students, faculty and staff.
The Library supports the College's mission to advance the economic development of our region by preparing students to enter the job market, transfer to senior colleges and universities and assist them in achieving their professional and personal goals by providing effective, accessible, and high quality information services. The Library also provides materials of cultural interest to students, in that the combination of these offerings enhances career and educational preparation at Spartanburg Community College. Through excellence in teaching and learning, the college promotes lifelong learning and helps students reach their personal and professional goals.