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ASL 102: De'VIA Art Project

Prepare Your Presentation

Finding and Using Statistics

Finding and Citing Images

Citing Sources in a Presentation

When preparing your presentation, remember that all sources used must be cited in both the Works Cited page and in-text.  For a speech you will need to verbally give credit to your sources. Verbally citing a source can be as simple as stating, "Dr. Bob, a Professor at Clemson University, stated in a 2019 Forbes article, ..."  Other examples could be, "The World Health Organization published the following Zika virus statistics on April 12, 2016...," or "According to Neal's book we learned..."

By verbally citing your sources you are lending credibility to your topic and making  your position stronger. Be sure to vary the language in which you verbally cite sources to keep your presentation more interesting (don't say "According to..." every time). 

There are several ways to cite sources in a project depending on the source and your instructor's requirements.

Most instructors want you to cite your sources the same you would if you were writing a paper for your in-text citations where you include an in-text on the slide where you used the information, and a Works Cited or References list of all your sources on a slide at the end of your presentation.

Some instructors instead have you number your sources on your Works Cited or References slide and then use the number as the in-text citation. Follow your instructor's requirements.

For images, see Finding and Citing Images in a Project.

Helpful Powerpoint Videos

Helpful Powerpoint Websites

Helpful Presenting Videos

Helpful Presenting Websites

The Learning Center (TLC)

Student working with tutorThe Learning Center (TLC) offers free tutoring (in-person or online).

  • Free live online tutoring and writing help, available 24/7 - TutorMe (accessed through D2L).
  • Visit the TLC in-person at Giles or other campuses. Visit the TLC Portal Page (SCC Log in Required) for hours and English and Computer tutor availability.
  • Email your paper/project to them at They offer a 48 hour turn-around on papers (excluding weekends and holidays), and ask that you send a copy of the assignment as well. The paper needs to be Microsoft Word format (don't share a copy of your OneDrive/cloud account), and please include your due date and SCC college ID number in the email.

Visit the The Learning Center located in the P. Dan Hull Building, rooms E2, E5, E6.  See TLC Portal Page (SCC log in required) for additional locations. Contact The Learning Center for more information.