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MLA Guide

This guide contains information to help you cite your sources in MLA format.

Citing Artwork in a Project

There are several ways to cite Artwork in a project in MLA format.

When you include artwork directly into your paper or presentation, it should be labeled as "Fig." with a number, followed by a period. (Example: Fig. 1.).

Under the image, place a caption that will start with the Figure label and number. Then you have options for how to finish the caption.

Option 1

Give the full MLA citation for your source. Do not invert the creator's name (if you have one listed). 

If you include the full MLA citation in your caption and you do not cite the source again in your project, you do not need to include the source in your Works Cited.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Self Portrait" 1889

Fig 1. Vincent Van Gogh. Self Portrait. 1889. National Gallery of Art, 

Option 2

Give basic information about your source such as the creator of the image, title, year, and any other important information. If you do not include the full MLA citation, your source must be added to your Works Cited page.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Self Portrait" 1889

Fig. 1. Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait, oil on canvas, 1889.

Works Cited

Van Gogh, Vincent. Self Portrait. 1889. National Gallery of Art,