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MLA Guide

This guide contains information to help you cite your sources in MLA format.

Citing Part of a Book or Ebook (Print or Electronic)

(chapter, essay, story, poem, entry, etc.)

Format: Author(s). "Title of Part." Title of Book in Italics, edited by Editor, edition, vol. #, Publisher, Year, page number(s). Database Name in Italics (if electronic).

*Note: If citing a play or novel, italicize title instead of using quotation marks.
*Note: If piece is a single page, use: p. for page number; if article is multiple pages, use: pp.
If book is part of a series, you may include the series name at the end of your citation.  See MLA handbook p. 52. 

Print Book:

Example: Fallows, James. “Throwing Like a Girl.” The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook, 5th ed., W. W. Norton, 2019, pp. 137-41.

Print Book:

Example: Hemingway, Ernest. "Hills Like White Elephants." The Norton Introduction to Literature, edited by Kelly J. Mays, shorter 13th ed., W. W. Norton, 2019, pp. 114-18.


Example: Hennessy, Michael. “Sinking the Titanic.” Critical Survey of Poetry, edited by Frank Magill, 2nd ed., vol. 1, Harvard UP, 1991, pp. 80-89. Literature Resource Center.

*Note: Include URL for database at end if instructor requires it.