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QEP: Information Literacy

This guide is designed to extend the scope the college's quality enhancement plan.

Attribution of Information

Effective users of information need to develop skills in order to provide proper attribution to sources. In the academic setting proper attribution of information could include:

  • a Works Cited or Reference page
  • in-text citations in papers, slide shows or posters
  • verbal attribution of the author or creator of the source material during an oral presentation
  • and more...

Class Activities/Assignments:

Avoiding Plagiarism: Provide students with the Avoiding Plagiarism Tips handout, utilize SCC Library tutorials and/or library instruction to teach students how to use sources appropriately.

Citation Practice: Provide students with opportunities to practice citation formatting by using worksheets with missing or incorrect citation lists, or by assigning a works cited list based on a research topic. Students can also practice by citing a variety of sources, such as images, live performances, journals, websites, streaming media, etc. A different activity is to give students a source and have them trace back the research using the source’s references.

MLA Practice: Using the sample template provided below, students will practice creating citations from a variety of sources.

Paraphrasing Exercise: Students practice paraphrasing passages from the Purdue OWL website.

Handouts and Worksheets for the Classroom

Below are selected worksheets and handouts to help students successfully complete these tasks. The documents may be downloaded and edited for your specific instructional needs.