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QEP: Information Literacy

This guide is designed to extend the scope the college's quality enhancement plan.

QEP Working InformationWelcome

We're so glad you found this guide! Our hopes are that you will visit regularly and find information that is helpful for your courses. Please take a few minutes to look around by using the tabs in the left column.

About the QEP

Our QEP is called WIn: Working Information, and it’s a five-year plan designed to increase students’ information literacy skills and ultimately their workplace readiness as well as their appreciation for life-long learning. Through our WIn QEP we will prepare students for success in and out of the classroom, armed with skills today’s employers require. It’s not enough anymore just to have “book knowledge.” Instead, today’s employers need employees who can retrieve information in many formats, can discern patterns and connections, can explore an issue deeply, can make valid judgments regarding information, and who can apply those skills in order to solve problems.


The concept of Working Information involves all disciplines at SCC by building on instruction in the classroom and providing students with projects that will embed information literacy skills in every area of their life.  SCC graduates with strong information literacy skills will move into the future with an ability to manage information rather than letting information overload control them; they may find more fulfillment in their careers, and they may develop an appreciation for knowledge that will last throughout their lives. But WIn will benefit more than individual students. Their mastery of information literacy will touch their employers, their families, the Upstate's economy, and SCC.

What's Next?

In order to help all of us achieve the goals of the QEP, the following pages provide helps, handouts, and other pertinent information related to Working Information here at SCC. This guide is a work in progress; new information will be added on a regular basis so be sure to visit often!