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ACC 150 - Discrimination in the Workplace

Cite Your Sources in APA Format

Here are a few examples to help you cite your sources in APA format:

Journal Article

Format: Author(s). (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal in Italics, Volume number in italics(issue number), page numbers of article. DOI/URL

Note:  If using a print article or database article use the DOI (if no DOI, skip). If using a non-database article (from a website) with no DOI, use the URL instead.

Print or Electronic Article with a DOI given

Example: Bassett, S. D. (2007). Exploring the issue of confidentiality. Nurse Educator, 32(4), 147-153. 

Print Article or Article from a Database with no DOI given

Example: Bozkurt, O. (2007). Wired for work. Society, 44(2), 33-40. 

Electronic Article from the Internet (Not from a Database) with no DOI given

Example: Bass, J. D. (2020). Exploring mental health. American Nursing, 3(8), 47-56.

More Information on Citing Journal Articles in APA

Website Article

Format:  Author(s). (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Website Name. URL

Example: Harrar, S. (2007, July 5). Better heart health. CNN, 

Example: The secret to a long life. (2020, August 10). American Cancer Society,

Group Author: Mayo Clinic. (2011, June 23). Absence seizure. 

Access Date: Smith, J. D. (n.d.). Considerations for new nurses. Career Spot. Retrieved July 3, 2019, from

Government: National Cancer Institute. (2020). Lung cancer update (NIH Publication No. 20-6548). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health.

More Information on Citing Website Articles in APA

Entire Book or Ebook

Format: Author(s). (Year). Title of book in italics (Edition ed., Vol. volume number). Publisher. DOI/URL.

*Note: If no DOI, skip. If using a non-database (online) E-Book include the URL.

Print Book or Ebook with a DOI given

Example: Duclos-Miller, P. A. (2006). How to cope with stress (2nd ed., Vol. 2). Greenwood.

Ebook from a Database with no DOI given

Example: Sallan, B. A. (2020). The psychology of a child (3rd ed.). Greenwood.

Ebook from the Internet (Not from a Database) with no DOI given

Example: Brown, L. S. (2018). Feminist therapy (Vol. 2). American Psychological Association.

More Information on Citing Books in APA

Part of a Book (chapter, essay, entry, etc.)

Format: Author(s) of Part. (Year). Title of part. In Editor's Name (Ed.), Title of book in italics (Edition ed., Vol. volume number, pp. page numbers of part). Publisher. DOI/URL

Print Book or Ebook with a DOI given

Example: Turner, J. B. (2006). Diaper rash. In J. L. Longe (Ed.), The Gale encyclopedia of medicine (3rd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 1169-1171). Thomson Gale. 

Ebook from a Database with no DOI given

Example: Weinstock, R., Leong, G. B., & Silva, J. A. (2003). Defining forensic psychiatry. In R. B. Rosner & J. R. Gilbert (Eds.), Forensic psychiatry (2nd ed., pp. 7-13). Mosby.  

Ebook from the Internet (Not from a Database) with no DOI given

Example: Stockton, L., Smith, F. B., & Fields, J. A. (2020). Dementia. In Aging conditions (p. 13). Parsons.

More Information on Citing a Part of a Book in APA

Additional APA Information and Examples

In-Text Citations

1 Author

Place the author’s last name and the year in parenthesis. If the in-text citation is at the end of a sentence, place the period outside the parenthesis.

Example 1: Chickens have been known to cross roads (Jordon, 2017).
Example 2: Jordon (2017) discussed how chickens like to cross roads.

2 Authors

If a source has two authors, use an ampersand (&) between the names in the parenthesis. Use "and" when referring to the authors in the text of your paper. Include both names every time you cite the source.

Example 1: The chicken was forced to cross the road (Smith & Jones, 2013).

Example 2: Smith and Jones (2013) also discovered that the chicken crossed the road.

3 or More Authors

When a source has three or more authors, list the first author followed by et al. (Latin for "and others").

Example 1: The chicken was forced to cross the road (Adams et al., 2009).

Example 2: Adams et al. (2009) discovered who forced the chicken to cross the road.

Group Author (Organization or Company)

When a source's author is a company, organization , or other group, the name of that group goes in the author position.

Example 1: The chicken was forced to cross the road (Stanford University, 2020)

Example 2: Stanford University (2020) discovered who forced the chicken to cross the road.

No Author

If a source has no author and is listed on the reference page by its title, use the first few words of the title and the year. Put double quotation marks ( " ) around article or chapter titles and italicize periodical and book titles. Unlike the reference page, the main words of the title should be capitalized.

Example of a book without an author given: The chicken made a conscious decision to cross the road (The Big Book of Chickens, 2015).

Example of an article with no author given: The chicken did not want to cross the road ("The Case of the Chicken and the Road," 2016).

No Date

When a source does not have a date listed, use n.d. in the in-text citation in place of the date.

Example of an article with no date given: Chickens often cross roads when they are hungry (Johnson et al., n.d.).

Example of an article with no author and no date given: Chickens first began their passage across the road in the late 11th century ("History of the Chicken," n.d.).

Additional In-Text Citations Examples

Using MLA Instead?

If you are planning to use MLA format to cite your sources, you can find information about MLA format in the SCC MLA Guide.

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