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CPT 118 - Research a Career

3. Find a Job

Once you've done some initial background reading about your career, now it's time to narrow down your career to a specific job description.  The following website is a great place to search for local jobs in our area. 

Find a job

What interests you about this job? 

If so, read the job description to learn more about the job.    

What are the job duties?  What are the requirements? 

What education or experience do you need to get this job?

Explain how you are currently prepared for this position.  If you are not currently prepared, what can you do to better prepare yourself for this position?

What are the perks of working there?

This may be listed on the job description or may be on a separate benefits page.  Explore the company website and their Human Resources (HR) page.

What is the job salary?

This may or may not be listed.  If it is not listed, search one of the career resources on the previous page for a general salary range.

Why do you want to work there?

Read the "about us" section. You are looking for quick facts, information about the benefits or perks of working there.