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Library Introduction

Library Introduction Video Transcript

Hi everyone, welcome to the SCC library! whether you were new to SCC or returning for another semester, this video will walk you through some of the things that you can do at the SCC library.

The SCC library is located on the first floor of the Library Learning Resources Building.

You could study in a study room. The SCC library has private study rooms for students to use for individual or group study.

You could also enjoy a private study space. The SCC library has many private study carrels for students to use.

Enjoy comfortable seating. The library has many comfortable places to sit like these study pods. We also have many cozy armchairs throughout the library.

Group study spaces, the library has many large tables that can easily accommodate a group study session.

You can do more than just study in the library. Did you know that the library has equipment like calculators, phone chargers, and microphones all available for students to check out? 

Of course, the library has books. Students can check out books from our collection for free. In addition to books to use for research assignments, the library also has a collection of children's books and popular fiction books to read for fun. All you need is your SCC ID card, which is also your library card.

SCC students have access to millions of academic journal articles, magazine, and newspaper articles through the SCC library databases. 

The library offers free printing for SCC students. We even have a print release system, which means you never have to worry about someone else grabbing your documents.

The library also has a copy center for students to scan files and make copies.

You can get help from a librarian on any (and we really mean any) assignment at SCC. Whether you're unsure of how to start a research project, need help figuring out how to do citations, or need help finding sources for an assignment your librarians have you covered. You can get help in multiple ways, such as email, instant messaging, phone calls, and visiting the library.

The library has a lot of computers available for student use for free. Since SCC uses Microsoft OneDrive, you can easily use a campus computer to work on a homework assignment, save it to your OneDrive, and open the same file on a different computer.

We have locations at the Giles, Downtown, Cherokee, and Tyger River campuses. All of our locations have computers, books, and friendly staff ready to help you. 

The SCC library subscribes to many magazines and newspapers that are available to read in the library.

The library also has some DVDs available for checkout.

There is so much that you can do at the SCC library. We can't wait to see you this semester in the library.