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PSY 201 - Phineas Gage

3. Narrow Your Focus

Narrow SignOnce you've done some initial exploration about the case of Phineas Gage, now it's time to narrow your focus to some concrete aspects of the accident and how it changed the personality of Phineas Gage. Take note of which aspects you want to focus on in your writing. Remember your assignment requirements and consider what you've learned thus far. Take your analyzing questions from the previous page and brainstorm / outline the elements of the case you think are most important. 

As you start to outline or brainstorm, you'll want to think about keywords that might help you find sources for your paper. See below for some help on brainstorming keywords


For keywords, think of terms related to the case of Phineas Gage. Also think specifically of  psychology terms. See examples below:

"Phineas Gage"

"Phineas Gage" and "prefrontal cortex"

"Phineas Gage" and behavior

"Phineas Gage" and personality