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MGT 101 - Fortune 500 Project

3. Find Company Information

Once you've chosen your company, try searching the databases below for potential sources that provide the needed statistics and information on your company. If you can't find the information you need, ask a librarian for help!

Databases / Articles

The following databases are the best place to start. See the sub-menu boxes in the guide menu for step-by-step instructions.

Using Keywords to Find Information in Periodical Articles

When searching the Library's business databases for articles about your company, a keyword search will help you find the information you need. Unlike Google, the databases do best when searches contain the linking word "and."

Here's a example of a search if you wanted to find information about Amazon's company acquisitions. Using the wildcard symbol (*) will pick up all words starting with acquisition--in this case, either acquisition or acquisitions:

Amazon and acquisition*

To search for a phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks so the computer will know to search for those words together. An example:

Wal-Mart and "profit margins"

Keywords work best by trial-and-error. Never do only one search. Some keywords will work better than others, and some keywords may lead you to different articles than you found in your first search.  Search the databases with the keywords you selected to find relevant articles. And remember to ask a librarian if you need assistance coming up with keywords or looking for sources.

Find Websites

Your Company's Website

You can often find good information on the company's website, such as the company history, annual reports or its mission statement.  There is often a section of the website that is set up for stockholders where you may be able to find financial information such as the annual reports.  Look for sections with names such as “investor relations,”  “shareholder relations,” “publications” or “financials.” Also look for links entitled "community relations" or "about us." Sometimes there is a search box you can use to find information.  Remember, each company will set up its website differently so spend some time looking for what you need.

The URL or web address for your company's website can be found in Hoover's or by doing an internet search.

Financial and Business News Websites

Find Books

Find Books

Use the search box below to search for books at the SCC Library.