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IMT 102 Industrial Research Project


Web Resources

Electrical safety

Electrical Incidents eTool

Electrical Safety: Quick Card

Construction Focus Four: Electrocution Hazards

For more online resources, visit OSHA's website and search "electrical safety" or "electrocution."

Journal Articles


Electrocution (5,548 results)

Electrocuted AND osha (88 results)

Electrocution in construction (73 results)

Answer These Questions in Your Paper:

What are the responsibilities of an employer to provide a safe workplace?

What are the responsibilities of an employee to follow safety procedures?

What are the OSHA standards related to the topic?

What are the specific requirements the employer is responsible for to ensure worker safety?

What are the specific requirements of the employee to ensure their safety on the job?

How can you prevent the workplace hazard? 

How many worker deaths are related to your topic?