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EGR 104 - Biography Assignment

This guide is designed to help you complete your research paper on the biography of an inventor or scientist for Engineering 104.

2. Explore Your Topic

You can use the databases and other resources on the next page to help you choose your topic. Credo Reference and Gale in Context Biography are great places to start.  Explore different inventors and scientists to find the one that peaks your interest the most.  Some of the databases even highlight biographies of popular people.  You want to make sure that there is enough information on the person you choose in order to create your project.

Getting to Know Your Person

Once your have chosen the person you will focus on for your project, consider how to organize your presentation and what information to include.Be sure to include all information required by the assignment.

A biography is about the events that take place in a person's life. You'll probably want to include the following:

  • Basic information such as the places and time in which the person lived: date of birth and death, nationality, etc.
  • Education
  • Professional Work
  • Details on their accomplishments / what they are known for - what did they discover, invent, improve, build, etc. that advanced their field.

Use the information you find to create an interesting and informative picture of the person's life.

The easiest way to organize your presentation is chronologically.