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NUR 120 - Why Nursing?

This guide is designed to help you complete the Why Nursing? assignment in Nursing 120.

1. Getting Started

Exclamation PointFirst Things First - Assignment Requirements

Before you begin researching and writing for this assignment, examine the assignment guidelines closely for any requirements. 

Q. How long is the paper? 

Double check your assignment, but usually this paper is 2-3 pages.

Q. How many sources?

You will reference your textbook for this assignment, and then note how your instructor says that you do not have to use additional outside sources for this assignment, but if you do, you must cite your sources using APA format (see below).

Q. How do you cite sources?

For this assignment, you will use APA format.

Q. What is due?

Make sure you have all the pieces that are required. In addition to the body of the paper, you will have a title page and reference page for this assignment (in APA format), but you do not need an abstract. Our APA Headers guide can help you set up those tricky APA headers, and our Sample Paper can show you what the final product should like.

Q. When is it due?

How long do you have to work on this paper or project?  Plan out your time, so you don't get stuck doing all the work at the last minute. Plan extra time in case you have problems or get stuck.