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What's New in MLA 9th Edition?

This guide will walk you through the updated MLA 9th Edition. This includes what is new in the 9th edition and an easy place to see all of the MLA updates on the SCC Library website.

New MLA Guide Examples

New examples have been added to the MLA Guide on the SCC Library website. Below is a list of the new examples you can find in the MLA Guide.


Example: Thomas, Angie. The Hate U Give. Narrated by Bahni Turpin, audiobook ed., Audible, 2017.

*Note: If you have multiple narrators for an audiobook, list the first narrators name, then et al. (Example: narrated by Clare Danes et al.).

*Note: For your in-text citation, instead of a page number, include a timestamp (Example: Thomas 02:14:12-02:15:12).

Translated Book:

Example: Homer. The Odyssey: Translated into English Blank Verse. Translated by William Cowper, First Avenue Editions, 2014.

Illustrated Book:

Example: Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight Moon. Illustrated by Clement Hurd, Revised Edition, Harper Collins Publishers, 2005.

Television Episode:

Example: "I, Borg." Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 5, episode 23, Paramount Pictures, 1992. Netflix,

In-Text Citation for Multiple Works by the Same Author

Sometimes you may discuss multiple works that are written by the same author. In this case, add the title of the work to your in-text citation, so your reader knows which work you are citing.

Example: (Morrison, Beloved 35). 

In-Text Citation for Different Authors with the Same Last Name

While uncommon, it is possible that two different authors may have the same last name. For in-text citations, include the first initial of the author's first name to differentiate between authors.

Example: (N. Baron 194).