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AHS 102 Journal Article Summary Assignment

This guide is designed to help you complete your AHS 102 professional journal article summary assignment.

3. Narrow Your Topic

Narrow Sign

Once you have selected a body system, follow these steps to narrow your topic:

1. Break down your body system by thinking about parts of that body system. 

For example: Parts of the Respiratory System include: lungs, larynx, throat, trachea etc.


2. Then, list diseases related to the body system:

Example: COPD, Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema etc.


3. Finally, narrow down your topic to what you are most interested in. (pick a topic)

This narrowed topic may be the only keyword(s) you need for your search. Example - Asthma.

Or before you start searching - think of synonyms or other names for what you chose. These may help you if need to try additional keywords searches to find a good article on your topic.