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SOC 101/205 -Nonfiction Book Report (Fansher)

This guide will help students find nonfiction books on social problems for Dr. Fansher's assignment.

1. Getting Started

Exclamation PointFirst Things First - Assignment Requirements

Before you begin work on your project, examine the assignment closely and make sure you understand all the requirements. 

Q. What kind of book should I choose?

There are some requirements for the kind of books that you can read for this assignment. Your book must be at least 180 pages and not be older than 20 years, unless it is deemed a 'classic' by your instructor. It needs to be a nonfiction book on a social issue.

Q. What is the difference between a nonfiction and fiction book?

Nonfiction is a factual/informational book. Fiction is a book written from someone’s imagination and usually has characters and plots.

Q. What other requirements should you make note of? 

Your instructor must approve of the book you choose, so make sure you are able to get a book to show to the instructor before the deadline.

Picking a Topic for Your Social Issue

When thinking about possible topics, you do need to consider that it can take a few years to have a book written about new social issues. You need to make sure you choose a topic that has been around for at least a couple of years.

For example, if you search for a book on “cancel culture” you might not find anything, but the term "doxing" which is similar has been around a little longer, so there might be more books published on it

You should try to find a topic that you are interested in or care about, because it will make getting through the book and writing the report easier.

The database link below has a list of social issue topics that could help you narrow down your search for a book by giving you ideas for search terms or helping you choose which call numbers you want to browse the shelves for.