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MUS 105 - Research Composers, Works, Styles, Periods

This research guide will help you with the papers in Music 105 that focus on a musical work/composition, a famous composer/artist, a historical time period, and/or musical style/genre.

3. Find Sources

Once you've narrowed your topic and thought about keywords, try searching the databases below for potential sources you can use for your paper.  Try to find sources that provide evidence to support your thesis.  If your keywords aren't working, ask a librarian for help!

Search Tips

Use AND between two or more terms to find materials with all the terms.

Beethoven AND symphonies

Use OR between similar terms or synonyms to search for either term.

rap OR hip=hop

choir OR chorus

symphony OR orchestra

Use quotation marks around phrases (two or more words); this tells the database to look for the words in that specific order.

"civil war" AND music

“rock music” OR “punk music”

Use an asterisk to find multiple endings of one word.

music* = music, musical, musicals, musician, musicians

Databases / Articles

The following databases are the best place to start. 

Recommended Books

Find More Books

Use the search box below to search for books at the SCC Library.

Find More E-Books

For ebooks, use the databases below.

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