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Eng 205 - Beowulf (Grigg)

This guide will help you with Ms. Grigg's Beowulf research paper in English 205.

2. Explore Your Topic

After thoroughly examining your assignment, now it's time to look for some initial background research on your topic.  Check out the resource below to learn more about your topic.

Analyzing Beowulf 

Magnifying Glass

  • Describe the functions and roles of treasure (reward, gift, status symbol, adornment, hoard). Evaluate how various characters in Beowulf value treasure.
  • Compare and contrast Christian and pagan elements within Beowulf.
  • Judge Beowulf as a true hero based on the heroic code of the time or as a proud, boastful, and arrogant character.
  • Compare and contrast the themes of  alienation and community in Beowulf.
  • Describe the ideals cherished by the Viking culture, and evaluate how Beowulf's actions epitomize these values.