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COL 103 Career Project

a guide to resources for the Career Project in College 103

Career Database & Research Guide Worksheet

Part 1: Library Research Guides

You will find one of the library's Research Guides that matches or relates to the career that you are researching. Then, you will use the research guide you chose to complete the questions on your worksheet.

Part 2: Ferguson's Career Guidance Center Database

You will use one of the library's databases, Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, to search for information about careers. You will search for a career and choose one article from this database and use it to complete the remainder of the questions your worksheet.


  • Search for a career or job using the occupation's title as your search terms. For example, you would search 'nurse' rather than 'nursing,' 'teacher' rather than 'education.'
  • Suggested search terms for hard to search jobs:
    • Mechatronics - Mechanical Engineering Technician, Robotics Technician, Engineering Technicians, CNC Programmer
    • Computer Science - Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Administrator