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MGT 101 - Fortune 500 Project

Searching Business Insights: Essentials - Step-by-Step

Business Insights: Essentials is set up to search by company, industry, and can also be used to do an article search on different topics such as people, events, etc.

Enter the name of the company in the search box. Then click on "Search." In the sample, we are searching for "Exxon Mobil."Business Insights: Essentials company search box

This will take you to a results list.  "Company Profiles" should be under the entry title.  If the company has a New York Stock Exchange Symbol, it will be by the company's name in parenthesis.Results list with company profile and stock exchange symbol in Business Insights

By clicking on the company's name, you will get the full company profile information. Be sure to scroll down and look at the block on the left called "Company Information."  This has more information about the company, including Company Histories, Financials, News and Magazine Articles, etc.Full company information in Business Insights