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MGT 101 - Fortune 500 Project

Searching Mergent Intellect - Step-by-Step

Mergent Intellect is an excellent resource for company information and gives information about the history, people (including CEOs), financial data, and other annual report information about your company. It is an easy-to-use, one-stop shopping place for this assignment.

To search, enter company name in the box. Then click "Search." Be sure "company" is selected. Note that you can also search by Executive (good for finding the CEO profile). In the example, we are doing a search for the company "Walt Disney."Company search box in Mergent Intellect

This will take you to a list of companies with "Walt Disney" in their name. If you are not sure which one is right, take a look at the location and sales information as clues. The location type should be listed as "headquarters." The top listing for Walt Disney has much higher total sales than the subsidiaries, which gives you a clue that it is the main company.

Company headquarters listing in Mergent Intellect

Clicking on the company name will take you to the profile of that company. On the profile, the New York Stock Exchange abbreviation (ticker) is to the right of the company's name. The physical address and the address of the company's website is listed after the company's name. Other links include links to the company's history (under Company Details), Financial Details (usually going back 4-5 years), Industry Details (comparisons with similar industries), Executive Details (CEO information) and Family Tree (subsidiary information--select "Complete Family Tree" to see all subsidiaries). Spend some time looking for what you need--a lot of it is here.

Company details section in Mergent Intellect

When looking under the "Company Information" tab, scroll down past "News Events" to "Key Information" which includes total sales figures, number of employees, and other important information.