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MGT 101 - Fortune 500 Project

2. Explore Your Fortune 500 Company

Finding Your Fortune 500 Company

The first thing you need to do before you begin a research paper is to select the company that you're going to write about. Here is a link to the list of Fortune 500 companies.

Analyze Your Company

Magnifying Glass

Your assignment asks you to find the following information:

Company History and CEO Profile - Look for company history and CEO profile on the company's website and in the Library's business databases.

Company Outlook - Look for information about the company's outlook in the company's annual report and SEC filings. Also company outlook information can be found in the company's Investment Analysis Report.

Legal Situation/Mergers & Acquisitions - Look in national, regional, and local business news; in the Library's business databases; and on government websites.

Marketing (Mission/Vision Statement) - You can find the company's mission statement on the company's website. Be aware that a company's mission statement isn't always called "mission statement." It may have other names, such as "vision statement," or it may not have a title at all.