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Eng 205 - The Taming of the Shrew (Grigg)

a research guide for English 205 (Grigg)

Shakespearean Criticism Index

Although you may find very good sources in the databases, another great way to find articles is by using the Shakespearean Criticism index. The collection of over 200 volumes is available in print at the central campus library, but you also have access to it through the Gale Literature Criticism database.

Shakespearean Criticism (Print Version)

The print version of this collection has an extensive index - organized by play and topic - that can really help you narrow your search for literary criticism. If you have never used an index, follow the directions below.

Shakespeare Criticism also has a "Cumulative Character Index" and "Cumulative Topic Index" organized by topic and then broken down by play. These indexes are at the back of every volume.

How to use the print version index:  Next to each topic, the index lists a number in bold followed by numbers (not in bold).  The bold number is the volume that the essay is in. The not-bold numbers are the page number that the essay is on. For instance, under gender, the index lists: 102: 287, 295, 298, 305; (this means that there are 4 essays about gender in volume 102 on pages 287, 295, 298, and 305). You can then use these volume and page numbers to find the essay in the print copies of the books in the library, or see below to find these essays in the Gale Literature database.

Shakespearean Criticism (Online Version)

You can use the online version using keywords and the title of the play, but you can also use the print index to locate articles and then go directly to those articles entering volume and page numbers into the database. Follow directions provided.

How to search database using print version index information:

  • Click the database link below    
  • Choose "What's Inside" at the top of the page
  • Click "Shakespearean Criticism" dropdown arrow from list
  • Locate volume number and click to open
  • Click "Volume Table of Contents"
  • Choose play you are researching then click the "Introduction" for the play
  • In the page number box, type the page number you would like to view and click go

Please Ask a Librarian or stop by the central campus if you need any assistance.