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ENG 101 - Education Issues

2. Explore Your Topic

After thoroughly examining your assignment, now it's time to look for some initial background research on your topic.  Try a search in the following database to learn more about your topic.

Analyze Your Topic

Magnifying Glass


Knowing the names of individuals, groups, or organizations connected to your topic will help you focus your search on information they've published.  For example, the Department of Education collects statistics and provides an annual report to Congress summarizing important developments and trends in the U.S. education system, which might be a good starting point for your research.


Reading a summary to learn more about your topic will help you understand it better. It can also provide you with keywords, specialized vocabulary, and definitions, which will be useful for future searches.


Educational theory has gone through a number of changes over the years. Is your resource up-to-date and the current thinking in education?


Educational policy and standards may vary some throughout the U.S.  Will this make a difference in your thesis? Our databases have articles on education in many different countries. Do you want to focus on the U.S. or possibly include other countries?


Getting background information on why people are interested in your topic can help you craft an argument.