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Economics 211 Price Discrimination Research Paper

Step 3. Investigate Airline Industry Prices

Narrow SignDoes the airline industry engage in 3rd degree price discrimination? 

  • Obtain some price data, choose any city-pair and two competing airlines
  • For each airline, obtain four prices for a typical round-trip, itinerary with bookings one day in advance, and then for 1, 2, and 4 weeks in advance of the departure date.
  • Itineraries should depart and return the same days of the week at approximately the same time of day.  Try to avoid the influence of holidays or other seasonal effects on demand.  Use airlines' websites for all fare information.


List of Airline Websites

Airline Nearest Airport

Alaska Airlines


Allegiant Air GSP
American Airlines GSP
Delta GSP
Frontier Airlines CLT
JetBlue CLT
Southwest GSP
Spirit ATL
United Airlines GSP
Virgin America ATL