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Respiratory 111 - Disease Report

3. Search Tips

Once you've explored your topic and thought about what information you'd like to find, try searching the databases below for potential sources you can use for your report.  Use the information below about keywords and searching to help you find information in the library's databases; however, if your keywords aren't working, ask a librarian for help!

Keywords & Searching Tips

If your disease or condition is more than one word, it is helpful to surround your search with quotation marks. This lets the computer know to search for those terms together. For example: "respiratory syncytial virus."

First, do a search with just the disease name. Then, if you are still not locating the information you need, you can try combining terms. Here are some examples:

"pulmonary embolism" and etiology

"cystic fibrosis" and treatment

Keep in mind the aspects your instructor asked you to consider:

  • Etiology - How does the disease originate?
  • Pathophysiology - What effect does the disease have on the body?
  • Clinical presentation - What symptoms does the disease have?
  • Diagnostic - How is the disease identified?
  • Treatment - How is the disease treated, and why?

Once again, if you have any trouble finding the information you're looking for, please come by the library or ask a librarian for help!