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AOT 142 - International Travel Itinerary

This Research Guide is meant to assist students completing the International Travel Arrangements and Itinerary assignment in AOT 142.

3. Narrow Your Topic

3. List Specifics

Narrow SignOnce you've done some initial background research on your country's culture and travel requirements, it's time to get specific and make a list of all the pieces of information you need to gather or decisions you need to make in order to put together your itinerary.

Ask yourself:

Q. Based on the country's culture - are there special considerations or special arrangements that might need to be made that will affect your supervisor's travel (i.e. women can't drive, it's traditional to bring a gift, business hours are different than in the U.S., etc.)?

Q. Based on the country's travel requirements, what information do you need to gather or what arrangements need to be made for your supervisor (i.e. apply for visa, schedule vaccinations, taxi services needed to not walk alone at night, bottled water because it's not safe to drink tap water, etc.)?

Q. As you go through the trip step-by-step, what basic arrangements need to be made (flight, hotel, transportation, restaurant reservations, etc.)?

Q. Are there any other special considerations or special circumstances for your supervisor that you need to take into account?

Make a list of all the requirements and considerations you can think of, and refer back to it frequently as you start gathering information.  Remember that the trip needs to work together as a whole - with all the individual parts flowing together, so consider how different pieces interact.  For instance, how far away from the hotel are the restaurants your selecting? If your supervisor is using public transportation, how far away is the hotel from a bus or subway stop?  How long is going to take your supervisor to get from one place to another?  Consider all these factors as you begin to map our your itinerary. You want to ensure your supervisor has a easy and pleasant trip.