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Eng 101 - Trials Rhetoric (Garber)

3. Narrow Your Topic

Narrow SignOnce you've done some initial background reading about your trial, it's time to narrow down your trial to what you really want to write about.  For this assignment, you must answer the question:

How did the rhetoric surrounding the trial affect the verdict?

Examine the rhetoric used during the time of the trial (e.g. language used by the attorneys, judges, witnesses, newspaper accounts, etc.)  What was the effect of the rhetoric used?  Can you find bias that influenced certain decisions?  Use rhetorical evidence from primary sources and credible secondary sources to make your case. 

Remember your assignment requirements and consider what you've read thus far.

As you start to narrow the rhetoric (and your opinion) down into a thesis, you'll want to continue to look for additional sources. As you read, you might tweak or change your opinion about the rhetoric of the trial. 

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