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Eng 102 - Hamlet (Grigg)

This guide is designed to help you complete Ms. Grigg's Hamlet research paper in English 102.

Love in Hamlet - Shakespearean Criticism

Love in Hamlet
Shakespearean Criticism contains several relevant articles discussing love in Hamlet.

  • Volume 21, page 96
  • Volume 44, page 198
  • Volume 59, page 47
  • Volume 92, page 59
  • Volume 111, page 119
  • Volume 164, pages 3 & 90
  • Volume 22, page 339
  • Volume 51, page 44
  • Volume 80, pages 351 & 360
  • Volume 120, page 214
  • Volume 178, pages 183, 193, 232, 284
  • Volume 197, pages 3, 35, 159, 176, 194

Directions: Click the link above. Click Shakespearean Criticism. Locate volume number and click to open. Click "Volume Table of Contents." Click Introduction In the page number box, type the page number you would like to view and click go

Helpful Hints on Searching Shakespearean Criticism...

For a particular theme in a Shakespeare play, the Shakespearean Criticism reference set has a "Cumulative Topic Index, by Play." It is organized by play and underneath each play, gives various topics with the volumes and page #'s that refer to that play and that topic. When doing research on themes in Shakespearean Criticism, you may need to look under different headings.

Shakespearean Criticism also has a "Cumulative Character Index" and "Cumulative Topic Index" organized by topic and then broken down by play. These indexes are at the back of every volume.

Library databases are also helpful for finding information on a particular theme in a Shakespeare play. For information specifically on the theme of "love," go to the library homepage; select the link for Literary Criticism under Topic Databases on the right-hand column. Start with Gale Literature Resource Center (below) and key in "Hamlet and Shakespeare and love." This search lists 4,000+ articles of literary criticism.