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Information Literacy for Faculty

This guide is designed to help SCC faculty incorporate information literacy into their courses.

Synthesizing Information

Effective users of information need to develop skills to synthesize materials. In the academic setting synthesizing information could include:

  • making connections between materials to create a new idea or project
  • identifying patterns or common themes across a selection of materials
  • writing a literature review
  • creating an annotated bibliography
  • and more...

Class Activities/Assignments:

Annotated Bibliography: Students compose an organized list of sources evaluating the relevance and authority of each source.

Literature Review: Students critically analyze and evaluate the literature available on a topic.

Poster Project: Allows students to share their research with a larger audience while exercising their ability to communicate about a topic in a direct and concise manner.

Topical Brochure: Students create a brochure based on their research of a topic.

Visual or Oral Presentations: Students complete research on a topic and prepare a visual presentation or speech identifying themes or assimilating the information from their research.

Handouts and Worksheets for the Classroom

Below are selected worksheets and handouts to help students successfully complete these tasks. The documents may be downloaded and edited for your specific instructional needs.

Library Resources

Research Guides


Synthesizing Information


Synthesizing Information Video (2:30 min.)