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Information Literacy for Faculty

This guide is designed to help SCC faculty incorporate information literacy into their courses.

Evaluating Information

Effective users of information need to develop skills to evaluate materials. In the academic setting evaluating information could include:

  • selecting an appropriate source for an assignment (book, article, newspaper, etc.)
  • identifying a credible website
  • determining the authority of an author or publisher
  • locating materials that are relevant to the information need
  • recognizing the timeliness or currency of the material
  • verifying the accuracy of information
  • and more...

Class Activities/Assignments:

Evaluating Websites: Provide students with a checklist to evaluate the credibility, relevance, authority and currency of websites.

Fake News: Utilizing various news reports on a topic, students evaluate the authenticity of information.

Identifying Credibility of Sources: Students will be able to explain the characteristics and value of various sources.

Recognizing Bias: Students critically analyze different points of view on a topic to determine the purpose and accuracy of information.

Understanding the Information Cycle: Students will identify the process by which information is published and understand the purposes of each type.

Handouts & Worksheets for the Classroom

Below are selected worksheets and handouts to help students successfully complete these tasks. The documents may be downloaded and edited for your specific instructional needs.

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