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Information Literacy for Faculty

This guide is designed to help SCC faculty incorporate information literacy into their courses.

Accessing Information

Effective users of information need to develop skills to access materials that are appropriate to their need. In the academic setting accessing information could include:

  • drawing a concept map to brainstorm ideas
  • selecting an appropriate topic
  • determining keywords for research
  • locating reference material  or non-fiction books in the library
  • searching databases for articles or e-books
  • and more...

Class Activities/Assignments:

Selecting a Topic: Students develop a concept map, individually or in small groups, to determine a suitable topic for a research project.

Explore a Topic: Using various sources, students will gather background information on a topic to help determine what resources are available.

Topic Development: Students identify the "Who, What, When, Where" questions about their topic.

Research Proposal: A preliminary research assignment to narrow the focus for a selected topic.

Brainstorm: Students will brainstorm ideas to identify keywords for searching the library databases.

Identifying Different Types of Sources: Provide an opportunity to consider differences and similarities among various publication types.    

Handouts & Worksheets for the Classroom

Below are selected worksheets and handouts to help students successfully complete these tasks. The documents may be downloaded and edited for your specific instructional needs.

Library Resources

Research Guides