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ENG 101 - Countries Compare and Contrast (Grigg)

2. Explore Your Countries

After thoroughly examining your assignment, now it's time to look for some initial background research on your countries.  Try a search in the following database to learn more about your topic.

Analyze Your Countries

Magnifying Glass


Think about who lives in the country? What is the population make-up of the country? Is life different in the country for certain groups of people than it is in the U.S.?


What is life like in the country? What does daily life look like for citizens of that country? What kinds of traditions does the country have, and how do they differ from the U.S.? 


Where is your country located? Does its location influence what life is like in that country? Where do people live in the country?


This is a really important one. Why/How is life different in the country than it is in the U.S.?