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History 115 - Civil War Documentary Project

Fort Pillow Massacre

Topics: What was the Confederacy's reaction to the Union's use of Black troops? Did they view them as soldiers? How were they treated if they were caught? What was the Union's reaction to the Confederacy's actions?

Emancipation Proclamation

Topics: The Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation and the Emancipation Proclamation: How did Southerners react to Lincoln's Proclamation? Did they feel he had gone too far or not far enough? Were there any public outbursts in reaction: i.e. riots, rebellions?

Robert Smalls

Topics: Smalls was a slave, but a skilled pilot in Charleston, who knew the harbor well. In May of 1862, Smalls and 15 others escaped on his master's ship, The Planter. What is the whole story on the escape? What was the South's reaction to his mastermind plan? What is the rest of Smalls' story? Create a short biography of Smalls. Look for primary source material, i.e. personal letters, news articles, etc. from the era.