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History 115 - Civil War Documentary Project

Assault on Battery Wagner

Topics: The Assault on Battery Wagner and the involvement of the 54th Massachusetts--what was the reaction of the North to use of an African American Regiment in battle? What was the public's reaction to the outcome of the battle?

Emancipation Proclamation

Topics: The Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation and the Emancipation Proclamation: How did Northerners react to Lincoln's Proclamation? Did they feel he had gone too far or not far enough? Were there any public outbursts in reaction: i.e. riots, rebellions?

The Battle of the Crater and General Meade

Topic: The siege of Petersburg, VA was an example of poor leadership. General George Meade replaced Black troops with ill-supplied and poorly trained white troops. The Union was trounced in this battle. Why did Meade choose to use white troops? Create a point/counterpoint style debate on why Meade replaced the troops. Would the outcome of the battle have been different if the troops originally assigned to lead the attack had remained? Who was to blame for the outcome of the battle?