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ENG 208 & 209 World Literature: Multi-media Presentation (Jordan)

This step-by-step guide will help you complete Ms. Jordan's Eng 208 & 209 world literature multi-media presentation.

4. Find Sources

Once you have gained an overview of your work and located background information, you may want to look for sources that discuss certain aspects of the work such as plot, setting, historical context etc.  The databases below contain overviews, literary criticism, and other commentary on famous works of literature.  

When searching the databases try using the name of your play and a keyword to find to relevant articles. Example: "The Waste Land" and modernism or "The Waste Land" and structure.  You may also want to search for the title of your work such as "The Waste Land" and then use the Search Within tool to narrow your results to sources that contain keywords.


Databases / Articles

The following databases are the best place to start. 

Finding Books and eBooks

Below are a few of the books that the library recommends, but they are by no means the only ones available to you. Go to the Finding More Books box at the bottom of the page and search the library catalog and eBook databases for even more books related to your topic.  

Some of the books will refer to multiple works, so you will need to search inside to find the particular chapter or section that refers to your work or topic.  EBooks make this easy by allowing you to open the book online.  Once you have the full text of the book open you can use the Search Within feature (often to the left of the screen) to search for particular keywords.  Remember to use quotes around more than one word.  The database will give you linked results that take you directly to the pages of the book on your topic.

Recommended Books

Find More Books

Use the search box below to search for books at the SCC Library.

Find More E-Books

For ebooks, use the databases below.