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ENG 208 & 209 World Literature: Multi-media Presentation (Jordan)

This step-by-step guide will help you complete Ms. Jordan's Eng 208 & 209 world literature multi-media presentation.

3. Find Info on Author and Culture

Narrow SignIn addition to becoming familiar with the work you have chosen, you will need to learn more about the author and the culture in which the work was written. When researching the culture consider things such as political, cultural and social environment.

Your assignment asks you to respond to the question: Why do you think this work is included in an anthology of World Literature? The information in your searches will help you answer that question.

When searching remember that keywords work best by trial-and-error. Never do only one search. Some keywords will work better than others, and some keywords may lead you to different articles than you found in your first search. Remember to ask a librarian if you need assistance coming up with keywords or looking for sources.

The following databases may have information about the author and culture related to your work.