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AMT 206 - Manufacturing Design Project

2. Explore Your Manufacturing Process

After thoroughly examining your assignment, now it's time to look for some initial background research on your topic.  For background information, try these sources:

  • Your Textbook
  • Industry Websites
  • Equipment Manufacturers Data Sheets
  • Process Control Publications
  • Engineering Design Publications
  • Websites from Manufacturers Producing Similar Products

Analyze Your Manufacturing Process

  • What is the history of the industry and process?Magnifying Glass
  • What practical design elements from similar projects are useful?
  • What is the potential time and material saving aspect of your automated process based on a comparative analysis against the original process?
  • What steps do you intend to take towards achieving your goal?
  • What safety changes would you make to reduce any risks associated with the new process?
  • What are the effects of integrating this new process?  Consider upstream or downstream processes already being used.